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The PH Factor

The PH Factor codifies and organizes our unsurpassed standards for quality and craftsmanship and is structured around key design and construction milestones used as predetermined checkpoints on project status and builder performance.

Our goal is to provide you with both a great custom home and a great home design and building experience. And the PH Factor Customer Care Guidebook shows you how we get you from today into your new home.

No surprises in product, project or process.

Quality & Craftsmanship

We like to say that craftsmanship is at the heart of what we do. Here are just a few examples of how we apply The PH Factor concepts of quality and craftsmanship to our home building products.

Key Construction Milestones

So often, people love their home but hate their builder. The process is long and communication, planning, and experience are key.

The PH Factor Project Management and Customer Care System revolves around predefined milestones to assure that the project is progressing per budget and schedule, that we are performing beyond expectation and that the customer builder relationship is healthy.

PH Construct

Looking to start a new project? Perkinson Homes uses PH Construct. You can make design considerations, track schedule or budget, and quickly communicate with us.


Our Process

Project Launch
Building Staked / Demo Complete
Foundation Forming
Rough Carpentry
Mechanical Roughs
Insulation and Drywall
Trim Carpentry
Walkthrough and Punchlist

Let the dog eat your homework.

Why do all the paperwork to register your HVAC when we do it for you? Go ahead and let the dog eat your homework, because Perkinson Homes will pre-register your heating and air conditioning warranty so it's ready and waiting should you ever need to use it.

Stand “sill” my beating heart.

Long before you cross the threshold to your Perkinson home, we make sure exterior doorway sills are sheltered from the elements with protective plastic coverings. During the home construction process, sills are shielded from dirt and debris and remain spick-and-span; so on the day you move in, your sills look as fresh as the day they were milled.

Into the groove.

Get in the groove and rock away your cares on a classic Perkinson porch. Boasting the timeless construction of old-fashioned tongue and groove ceilings, our porches are crafted with individual boards that are shimmed together with thin strips of wood to smooth out unevenness in underlying ceiling joists. The result? Seamless lines and endless ahhhhs from generations of porch rockers.

No “joisting” around.

We’re not joking around when it comes to using an engineered floor system; we’re serious about a more versatile and stable hardwood floor. Perkinson Homes uses floor joists that are stronger, lighter, and straighter, which means stiffer flooring and less deflection for the life of your floor. Engineered hardwood is also more resistant to moisture and humidity, reducing the risk of shrinking or buckling. So dance around on your Boise Cascade engineered floors; they’re ready for decades of celebrations in your Perkinson Home.

No flash in the pan.

We’re no flash in the pan when it comes to home building, and our product is built to last. By properly installing flashing we safeguard against moisture seeping into the home. Flashing diverts water and protects the home from rot and mold growth. While flashing is not something you can see on the exterior of the home, we are careful to give it proper attention during the building phase to keep your Perkinson home ship-shape and moisture-free.

What's Next?

Our exclusive project management and customer care system will make building your new home as stress-free as possible. We are committed to building relationships and ensuring client satisfaction in each home we build. Ready to get started? Reach out to us anytime.